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 Christy 8199L

Christy 8199L

Price: Call
Passenger seats: 8
Payload: up to 950 kg (2094.4 lb)
Thrust engine: 176 hp
Lift engine: 23 hp
Fuel consumption: 15-25 lt/hr (4 - 6.6 gl/hr)
Tank capacity: 2×80 lt (2×21.1 gal)
Max speed: 100 kph (62 mph)
Weight of hovercraft: 1000-1200 kg (2205-2645.6 lb)
Dimensions (L.W.H.) 7150×2350×2400mm (281.5×92.5×94.5")

Christy 8199L hovercraft specifications:

Hovercraft Christy 8199L is designed for transportation of 8 passangers with maximum comfort. This line-up is special for an inventive aerodynamic design. Propeller of Christy 8183 duct is enclosed into the duct which reduces noise level and increases propeller effectiveness. Among the unique features Christy 8199L are the following:

  • the body is made of composite plastic, which are much lighter and stronger traditionally used aluminum;
  • The flexible air cushion fence (skirt) is made of heavy-duty Hypalon material with a segmented system and a fully sealed cushion cavity, which increases stability, provides greater lift and travel speed. Possible repair is only a simple replacement of worn segments;
  • rudder trim system, softening Hovercraft reaction to a sudden obstacles (waves, boulders), and significantly improves the maneuverability and stability;
  • controlled distribution of traction between the lift and sustainer system reduces fuel consumption and increases the range of the ship;
  • the total weight of the structure and the resulting vibrations are minimized through the use of original attachment system powertrains;
  • ATV is very easy and absolutely unsinkable through the use of sandwich structures.


Not on the air-cushion (L.W.H) 7150 × 2350 × 2400 mm 
On the air-cushion (L.W.H)  7720 × 2970 × 2890 mm 
Inside the cabin  3160 × 1500 × 1350 mm
Clearance  250-300 mm 

Operating conditions Hovercraft

Height overcome obstacles  300-600 mm unsmoothed and smoothed ledges
Wave height  1000 mm 
Environment temperature  -20 to +40 ° C. 
Gradeability  up to 15 degrees from a standing start
to 40 degrees acceleration 
Type of surface  Salt and fresh water of any depth, snow and ice cover any thickness, sand, mud, grass, swamp, flat desert 
The maximum allowable wind speed 13 m / s with gusts up to 15 m / s (at part load)
10 m / s with gusts up to 13 m / s (at full load)

Speed ​​characteristics Hovercraft

The maximum recommended speed (for safety)  50-60 km / h (27-49 knots) beach, shallow water, short grass
60-100 km / h (32-54 knots) smooth ice
50-85 km / h ( 27-46 knots) packed snow
40-60 km / h (22-32 knots) recommended
40-45 km / h (22-35 knots) economical cruising speed 

Design Features 

Hull construction hovercraft  The body is made from composite materials. Case details in the form of sandwich panels made of fiberglass and polyurethane foam with an outer finishing layer. Easy to fix 
Type flexible skirt (skirt)  Bunk (upper tier - inflated balloon is tapered from front to back of the higher sections of the front for the best waves of overcoming, the lower tier - independent segments for better retention of air in the cushion and easily replaceable) 
The structure of the skirt  Cylinder and the segments are made of nylon impregnated with urethane. The segments are attached to the cylinder by bolts and nuts 
Buoyancy 100% unsinkable thanks to the bottom of the sandwich panels of polyurethane foam and fiberglass. The foam volume - 1200 liters 
Number of seats  1 pilot and 7 passengers 
Cabin  8-bedded insulated cabin. Windshield - Triplex 

Physical characteristics of the Hovercraft

Payload  850 kg (including fuel, 8 passengers and safety equipment)
Overload Payload  950 kg
Weight hovercraft 1200 kg, depending on the configuration 
Engines  Marching either Subaru FB-25 176 hp (Japan) or EZ36 240 hp
Pressure: four Daihatsu, 600 cm 3, 23 hp (Japan) 
Fuel capacity  2x80 liters (2x100 optional)
Fuel consumption  15-25 liters / hour depending on the load surface and 
Type of fuel  Gasoline A-92 or A-95

Management hovercraft Christy 8199L

Traction system  Aviation 6-bladed propeller made of composite materials with a diameter of 1600 mm. 
Lift system  9-axial propeller blade diameter 710 mm, rotating speed - 3000 r / min 
Transmission  The force of the main engine is transmitted to the screw gear reducer Italy.
Managing Exchange  With vertical rudder 
Pitch control  With two horizontal rudders fitted behind the fan ring 

Instruments and mechanisms 

Navigation Devices  All vessels are equipped with a full range of electrical equipment. Provided a large number of options, including air conditioning, navigation equipment, multimedia equipment, rescue equipment, special equipment for hunting and fishing 
Electrical  Main engine generator 600 W magdino blower motor 150 W, battery 55-90 ampere-hours at -18 ° C, the supply voltage 13 
Bailing  Electric bilge pump, extra - hand pump 
Firefighting  Portable carbon dioxide fire extinguisher, fixed carbon dioxide fire extinguisher with remote control in the engine compartment 
Navigation and communication  Prepared a place for the marine compass, GPS-navigator, card plotter and radio 

Video of Hovercraft Christy 8199L | our channel on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/christyhovercraft

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