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Hovertrek 4100L

Hovertrek 4100L

Price: Call
Passenger seats: 4
Payload: up to 520 kg (up to 1146 lb)
Number of Engines: 1
Engines: 100 hp
Fuel consumption: 15-25 lt/hr (4 - 6.6 gl/hr)
Tank Capacity: 2x22 lt (2x5.8 gal)
Max. speed: 100 kph (62 mph)
Weight of hovercraft: 225 kg (496 lb)
Dimensions (L.W.H.): 3658x2032x1143mm (144x80x45")

Hovertrek 4100L hovercraft specifications:

Enhanced four-model boats Neoteric 465. Equipped with more powerful power plant with a liquid-cooled Hirth (100 hp), which positively affects the basic characteristics, including load capacity and speed. Since the model is made ​​on the basis of four Neoteric 465, it will retain the same maximum ease of transportation compact dimensions. Housing made ​​of composite materials is further enhanced by a metal frame security. In addition, the boat is equipped with a sports package and has a wide range of options installed by the manufacturer on request.

payload to start with water - no more than 4 people or 450 kg,
the maximum - 520 kg
overload on ice - 7 people or 650 kg
traveling speed 50-90 km / h on the intertidal strip the banks of
50-80 km / h in calm water
of 50-65 km / h on land, low grass
60-100 km / h on smooth ice
50-100 km / h on a dense snow
fuel consumption 15-25 l / h
fuel type high quality unleaded gasoline A-92,
the fuel mixture: gasoline and two-stroke oil 45: 1
capacity tanks two tanks of 22 liters
dimensions are not on the air-cushion (D.SH.V.) 3658h2032h1143 mm.
dimensions on the air-cushion (D.SH.V.) 4166h2540h1346 mm.
weight 191 ± 7 kg in the base
219 ± 7 kg with all options
noise level 83 DB (A), SAE-standard J192a within 10 meters
engine two-stroke engine Hirth 3701e (Germany) with liquid cooling, 100 liters. s., Injection
traction a 9-axial propeller blade diameter 711 mm, 45/50 °, 3000 rev / min, 55 or 65 liters. p. The stator vanes 10 of the system.
lift one-third of the air flow is sent to the airbag enclosed in a segmented skirt. Skirt material is based on nylon.The average air pressure in the cussion is about 0.67 kPa
electric equipment motor powered by an alternator, voltage regulator and rectifier 13, pi 250 W 4000 rev / min, the battery 35 ampere hours at -18 ° C
tools and equipment Marine ignition, fuel gauge, tachometer, temperature gauge cylinder head and exhaust gas meter hours.
  • In addition, the Supersports model has included:
  • protection from salt water,
  • GPS-navigation,
  • boat compass
  • Marine VHF-radio,
  • charger from the solar panels,
  • eight fishing rod holders,
  • Waterproof CD-player with AM / FM-radio,
  • Flashing orange
  • spotlight-seeker,
  • system covering the headlights,
  • Marine acoustic systems.

Video of Hovercraft Hovertrek 4100L | our channel on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/christyhovercraft

  • All season, multi-terrain, versatility

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