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Hovertrek 4100L

Hovertrek 4100L

Price: Call
Passenger seats: 4
Payload: up to 520 kg (up to 1146 lb)
Number of Engines: 1
Engines: 100 hp
Fuel consumption: 15-25 lt/hr (4 - 6.6 gl/hr)
Tank Capacity: 2x22 lt (2x5.8 gal)
Max. speed: 100 kph (62 mph)
Weight of hovercraft: 225 kg (496 lb)
Dimensions (L.W.H.): 3658x2032x1143mm (144x80x45")

Hovertrek 4100L hovercraft specifications:

Enhanced four-model boats Neoteric 465. Equipped with more powerful power plant with a liquid-cooled Hirth (100 hp), which positively affects the basic characteristics, including load capacity and speed. Since the model is made ​​on the basis of four Neoteric 465, it will retain the same maximum ease of transportation compact dimensions. Housing made ​​of composite materials is further enhanced by a metal frame security. In addition, the boat is equipped with a sports package and has a wide range of options installed by the manufacturer on request.

payload to start with water - no more than 4 people or 450 kg,
the maximum - 520 kg
overload on ice - 7 people or 650 kg
traveling speed 50-90 km / h on the intertidal strip the banks of
50-80 km / h in calm water
of 50-65 km / h on land, low grass
60-100 km / h on smooth ice
50-100 km / h on a dense snow
fuel consumption 15-25 l / h
fuel type high quality unleaded gasoline A-92,
the fuel mixture: gasoline and two-stroke oil 45: 1
capacity tanks two tanks of 22 liters
dimensions are not on the pillow (D.SH.V.) 3658h2032h1143 mm.
dimensions on the pillow (D.SH.V.) 4166h2540h1346 mm.
weight 191 ± 7 kg in the base
219 ± 7 kg with all options
noise level 83 DB (A), SAE-standard J192a within 10 meters
engine two-stroke engine Hirth 3701e (Germany) with liquid cooling, 100 liters. s., Injection
traction a 9-axial propeller blade diameter 711 mm, 45/50 °, 3000 rev / min, 55 or 65 liters. p. The stator vanes 10 of the system.
lift one-third of the air flow is sent to the airbag enclosed in a segmented skirt. Material skirts based on nylon. The average pressure of 0.67 kPa pillows
electric equipment motor powered by an alternator, voltage regulator and rectifier 13, pi 250 W 4000 rev / min, the battery 35 ampere hours at -18 ° C
tools and equipment Marine ignition, fuel gauge, tachometer, temperature gauge cylinder head and exhaust gas meter hours.
  • In addition, the Supersports model has included:
  • protection from salt water,
  • GPS-navigation,
  • boat compass
  • Marine VHF-radio,
  • charger from the solar panels,
  • eight fishing rod holders,
  • Waterproof CD-player with AM / FM-radio,
  • Flashing orange
  • spotlight-seeker,
  • system covering the headlights,
  • Marine acoustic systems.

Video of Hovercraft Hovertrek 4100L | our channel on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/christyhovercraft

  • All season, multi-terrain, versatility

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