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 Christy 9205

Christy 9205

Price: Call
Passenger seats: 8-12
Payload: 900-950 kg (1984-2094 lb)
Thrust engine: 176 hp
Lift engine: 29 hp
Fuel consumption: 15-20 lt/hr (4 - 5.3 gl/hr)
Tank capacity: 160 lt (42.3 gal)
Max speed: 70 kph (43.5 mph)
Weight of hovercraft: 1000-1100 kg (2205-2425 lb)
Dimensions (L.W.H.) 8230×2200×2260mm (324×87×89")

There are three different cab options available: open cabin (OC), half-cabin (PC), closed cabin (FC).

Christy 9205 hovercraft specifications:

This hovercraft can be also used for transportation of oversized cargo. The hovercraft can be used for rescue services, geological exploration, military service, freight and passenger transportation, border service.

Hovercraft Christy have 5 modifications:

  1. Cabrio
  2. Partial cabin
  3. Cargo modification
  4. Full cabin
  5. Full cabin width Duct

All hovercraft modifications have:

  • Fiberglass hull: white
  • Skirt: double-level
  • Cabin (sliding doors for Christy 9205)
  • Glass: windshield – triplex, side windows – tempered glass
  • Steering for Christy 9205: central – provides better view and center of gravity
  • Seats: 1-st row soft seats
  • 2-nd and 3-d rows: U-shaped sofas with access to the luggage compartment
  • Control panel: GPS speed sensor, audio system USB with 2 speakers, tachometer, engine thermometer, oil pressure measuring device and start button oil pressure indication, voltmeter, ignition lock, starter buttons, engine hours counter, 12 V outlet, toggle switches and automatic circuit breakers
  • Navigation lights
  • Underbonnet lights
  • Signal (ship horn)
  • Electric pump
  • Place prepared for navigation equipment installation
  • Cabin heater (car-type)
  • Aluminium fuel tank 80l – 2 pcs (total 160l (42.3 gal))
  • Filler neck
  • Automatic wind shield wipers
  • Injectors and washer tank
  • Antiskid cabin coating
  • Battery 65 A/h
  • Engines:

Thrust engine of Christy: Subaru FB25, 4-stroke, four-cylinder, 176 HP (Japan)

Lifting engine: Daihatsu 4-stroke, double-cylinder, 29 HP(Japan)

Christy 9205 has aviation propeller (4 blades) and aviation gear of the thrust engine unit.

  • Cabin lightning
  • Cabin fire extinguishers: carbon dioxide
  • Cabin locker with lid, 2 pcs
  • Place prepared for the hatch in front of the roof
  • Horizontal rudders for quick correction of the trim
  • Vertical rudders, 3 aerodynamic airfoils
  • Fans with quick-change blades in case of their damage
  • Improved system of air distribution in the cushion
  • Propulsion engine in the form of a separate propeller-engine module
  • Improved mount system of propeller-engine installation with maximum absorbing of vibration.
  • payload: 900 kg (1984 lb)
  • The size of the free space for cargo on upper deck behind the cabin: 1500x1500 mm
  • The overall size: 8230x2200x2260 mm (324×87×89")
  • Autonomous pump
  • Foam producer
  • 160 l. tank (42.3 gal)
  • Guard railing

Additional options

  1. Non-standard colour 
  2. Front side glasses with small sliding vent window 
  3. Pilot light with remote control 
  4. Electric hoist (synthetic rope)
  5. Autonomous air (or hydronic) heater Webasto
  6. Additional accumulator with build-up kit (for independent current supply of the heater) 
  7. Side mirrors with heating and electric regulation
  8. Automobile hatch of blacked-out tempered glass

Video of Hovercraft Christy 9205 | our channel on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/christyhovercraft

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Photo gallery of Hovercraft - Christy 9205

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From 17th to 20th August 2017 in Helsinki the largest exhibition of the vessels in Finland takes place - Helsinki Boat-Afloat Show. It’s a real feast for the lovers of water transport – the motor yachts and boats, hovercrafts, sailing yachts and yachting equipment are represented.

The Christy Hovercraft team is pleased to present to your attention the new hovercraft Christy-5148, which has been specially developed for Scandinavian countries customers, however having acquired the improved features these model will definitely be demanded by the professionals and amateurs all over the world.

A specially equipped air-cushion vessel Christyhovercraft delivers quickly the sorbent intended for the oil collecting to any place where the pollution has occurred.

Join us to the largest in-water Boat Show in Finland, Boat-Afloat Show in Helsinki 17-20 August 2017.

We bring to your attention the video of the operation of the hovercraft Christy 9205 FC Fishing Edition, designed and manufactured by the special order of a fishermen from Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk.

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