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 Christy 9204 FCW Duct

Christy 9204 FCW Duct

Price: Call
Passenger seats: 10-12
Payload: 1200 kg (2645 lb)
Thrust engine: 176 hp
Lift engine: 28 hp
Fuel consumption: 20-25 lt/hr (5.3 - 6.6 gl/hr)
Tank capacity: 150 lt (39.5 gal)
Max speed: 70 kph (43.5 mph)
Weight of hovercraft: 1200-1300 kg (2205-2425 lb)
Dimensions (L.W.H.) 8,9×3,7×2,9 m (29×12×9,5 ft)

Available exterior colors of the hovercraft



The Christy 9204 FC hovercraft with a three-tier flexible skirt with an additional constant pressure cylinder integrated around the entire perimeter, providing additional buoyancy and compensating for impact loads in harsh hydrometeorological and navigating conditions.
Previously, such a scheme was used exclusively on military hovercrafts.

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The main advantages of the Christy 9204 FC model:

  • - Extended 450-500 mm cab
  • - A profiled annular nozzle with a six bladed reversing screw to reduce noise and additional protection, which provides reversing and braking.
  • - Flap fiberglass side crinolines with anti-slip coating.
  • - Flexible three-tiered skirt. The upper tier sectional cylinder of constant pressure around the perimeter of the vessel with a diameter of 600mm provides even greater stability on the water with the engines turned off and additional safety in case of unexpected collisions with obstacles and while driving along mountain rivers.
  • - Increased cushion area and accordingly increased vessel capacity by 200-250kg.
  • - Propeller units are claded with a single hood of a new design, which provides better protection of power units and transmissions from weathering.
  • - The hood increases noise insulation, accordingly, the hovercraft makes lower noise level when driving.
  • - Noise insulation is also facilitated by a profiled ring head and a six-blade propeller operating at lower revs than the one of Christy 9205 FC model.
  • - An installed transverse segmented keel which ensures greater stability of the vessel in the entire speed range with a variable gravity center.
  • - Steering surfaces of increased area allow the hovercrafts to be more maneuverable and improve handling.
  • - Increased ground clearance up to 500 mm.
  • - Additional lockers of larger volume inside the cabin.
  • - More attractive design and ergonomics.
  • - Upgraded ventilation system.

Standard production time is 12-16 weeks.
Individual production terms are negotiated additionally.
Delivery is usually either in a tent wagon or in a 40ft container.

Hovercraft - Christy 9204 FCW

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The Christy 9204 FC hovercraft can be used for rescue services, geological exploration, military service, freight and passenger traffic, border guard services.

Christy 9204 FCW Standard Edition:


  • multilayer structural system made of composite plastics reinforced with fiber (FRP) and polyvinyl chloride foam (PVC)
  • built-in buoyancy blocks
  • protective hood for propulsion and injection engines
  • body color (White)


  • gull wing


  • Triplex windshield
  • tempered side windows


  • three-tiered


  • traction: Subaru FB25, 4-stroke, four-cylinder, 176 hp (Japan)
  • elevating: Vanguard 4-stroke, two-cylinder, 28 hp (USA)
  • aluminum fuel tank 150 lt (39.5 gal)


  • as a separate propeller-engine module, with an improved mounting system for maximum vibration absorption
  • 6-blade, reversible, aluminum propeller with duct (to increase efficiency and reduce noise)
  • improved air distribution system within the cushion


  • vertical rudders for fast course correction, 3 aerodynamic profiles
  • horizontal rudders for quick trim adjustment


  • Single seats with armrests. The standard layout of the "aircraft type" (face in the direction of travel), in the front rows distance between the front seats as in business class
  • Possible options at the request of the customer
  • Anti-slip interior and crinolines

Sensors and devices:

  • GPS speedometer
  • tachometer
  • engine temperature gauges
  • voltmeter
  • ignition lock
  • Starter, Engine Start Buttons
  • indication of oil pressure ppm N.d.
  • hour meter
  • prepared area for installation of navigation equipment

Electrical equipment and lighting:

  • GPS navigation lights
  • ship's signal (ship's horn)
  • LED interior lighting
  • 2-speaker USB audio
  • emergency “kill” switch
  • network toggle switches and circuit breakers
  • electric bilge pump
  • Battery (65 Ah)
  • 12V plug


  • automatic wipers
  • windshield washer
  • Heated interior (automotive type)
  • Cabinet with lid, 2 pcs.
  • Carbon dioxide cabin extinguisher
  • Protective awning for ship transportation
  • Fixing hardware for transportation /mooring
  • Handles to hold the ship when maneuvering on an air cushion in cramped conditions
  • Site to install equipment navigation
  • Vinyl logos

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