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The border police vehicle fleet has been replenished with two new units — Christy 463 PC hovercraft made by Christy Hovercraft company from Russia. This became possible due to the "EU for border security" — joint project between the Republic of Moldova and Ukraine supported by the European Union.

The Christy Hovercraft team has successfully tested the Christy 7186 OC hovercraft for one more US buyer


New video is provided by Rick Jenkins from Colorado, the owner of the 2015 Christy 6183 PC hovercraft. The Traditional Hover Rally was held by the Hovercraft Club of America in Muscatine County, Iowa in July 2021


The Christy Hovercraft team has successfully completed and implemented an important project of two hovercrafts Christy 463 PC for the border service of the Republic of Moldova.

We present you a video from the test drive of the Christy 463 PC hovercraft in the water area of the Gulf of Finland.

In August 2020, Albatross LLC got a unique chance to take part in the Army 2020 Forum by the invitation of the EMERCOM of Russia.

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Hurry to visit Vene 17 Båt (Helsinki International Boat Show) - exhibition of small crafts of all types and sizes

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From 10 - 19 February 2017 in the exhibition hall Messukeskus Helsinki an exhibition dedicated to the small-size shipbuilding and aqua life takes place, on which 450 participating enterprises are represented and about 600 small crafts. Vene Bat - is the largest exhibition of yachts and boats for fishing and sports in Northland.

Visitors have the opportunity to get acquainted with the small crafts of all types and sizes, from luxury yachts to small rowing boats. Interested parties can learn more about the new vessels, to get good advices on the maintenance of boats and yachts. There are many things that you can try and test, not to mention the special offers.

On the booth 7f150 the production of Christy Hovercraft is represented - amphibious hovercraft CHRISTY - 5143 of 2017 model year. During the first days of the exhibition, our hovercraft generated enormous interest. The exhibition was visited by more than 50,000 people.

Christy Hovercraft prepared to the exhibition a special offer you cannot refuse. You can become the owner of a hovercraft CHRISTY - 5143 white color with a rich set by an affordable price, which was specially made for the beginning of the exhibition. Standard production term of the hovercraft is 16-20 weeks. Now you have a unique opportunity to purchase a hovercraft CHRISTY - 5143, without waiting for its manufacture.

You can also visit the exposition of two other manufacturers of the hovercrafts. The company Ivanoff Hovercraft AB represented the hovercrafts IH6 and IH3 and the company Kobanoff Oy the vessel Pegas 5, specially prepared for the market in Finland.
Hovercrafts are able to move on any surface, widely used as a personal vehicle for hunting and fishing, for a relaxing holiday with friends and family. Such vessels are widely used commercially to transport passengers to remote areas and remote places where difficult to reach by other means of transportation. Such vessels are actively used for special purposes, search and rescue operations.

You have a unique opportunity to plan your visit to the exhibition, visit the booth of Christy Hovercraft - 7f150, get advice in English, Russian, and Finnish. Hurry! The last two days of the exhibition Vene 17 Båt remained.
After the exhibition, you can pass a test drive, both in Finland and in Russia.

Photo gallery of Hovercraft - Hurry to visit Vene 17 Båt (Helsinki International Boat Show)