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On this video you can see one day from the production of Christy Hovercraft.

The Christy Hovercraft team has successfully tested the Christy-7186 FC Deluxe hovercraft. This new model 2022 Christy 7186 FC Deluxe is available for order.

By popular demand, we have returned the opportunity to buy the Christy 6146 FC Limited Edition hovercraft at affordable 2021 prices.

We are glad to make you the most attractive offer in the class of 6-seater hovercrafts existing on the world market today. You can place an order for the purchase of this model on special conditions, developed taking into account wishes of potential buyers.

The Christy Hovercraft team successfully conducted a pilot course for a client in San Luis, Brazil.

Christyhovercraft Team Pilot Instructor Rick Jenkins from Colorado in March 2022 trained the Kandiyohi County Rescue Team Training on a Christy 6146 FC Rescue hovercraft.

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The hovercrafts of the project Christy-460 went on sale

We would like to inform you that the program of factory tests of the hovercraft Christy-460 (2017-model year) has been completed, this model is the evolutionary extension of the model Christy-458.

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Taking this opportunity, we bring to your attention the photos and videos of the successful verification of the amphibious capabilities of the hovercraft of the project Christy-460.

The test drive was conducted at the request of the Executive Board of the Ministry for Emergency Situations of the Republic of Belarus, and the results confirmed full compliance with the declared requirements for assignment and operational characteristics.
The model Christy-460 PC (partial cabin) is presented on these video materials, also available for the order in the versions with triplex windscreen Christy-460 OC and with a full cabin Christy-460 FC. For the convenience of the buyers, there are two options of the doors - sliding or lifting.

A distinctive feature of this model is the propulsion based on the Vanguard engine 37 hp EFI (injector), adapted to the operation in difficult climatic conditions with a significant resource, which gives its the considerable advantage and safety stock under extreme conditions.

Because of the incredible demand for these engines in USA, where the extreme equipment is equipped with them, including hovercrafts, airboats and a unique range of mud engines, these engines became available in Europe and Russia only in spring 2017. We are the first who successfully applied these engines on the hovercrafts Christy in Russia.
Advantages of the new propulsion:

  • Superior balance, low vibration, lower emissions, improved valve life, higher fuel economy;
  • Keeps engine clean and cool for enhanced durability and performance;
  • Withstands wear while providing improved oil control;
  • Enables up to 25% fuel savings;
  • Reduced noise level;
  • Cleans the oil and protects engine components, ensuring a long service life;
  • The configuration of the intake manifold optimizes the mixing process for increased efficiency, smooth idling, reduced emissions and increased power;
  • Five-inch centrifugal multi-stage air cleaner;
  • Provides maximum engine protection, especially in dirty and dusty conditions;
  • Dynamically balanced crankshaft;
  • Minimum noise and vibration of the engine.

Thanks to its amphibious capabilities, the hovercraft Christy-460 easily moves through various types of surface, including sand, dumps, displaced soil, frost soil. The vessel successfully overcomes the obstacles in the form of crushed ice, slush and wet snow and confidently starts with a full load from the water surface.

In addition, we present to your attention the product line of the hovercrafts Christy of 2017 model year with greater payload and the same amphibious characteristics.

● Christy-458 (4-seated, length – 4,8 m, payload – 450 kg);
Christy-5143 (5-seated, length – 5,49 m, payload – 550 kg);
Christy-7183 (6-seated, length – 5,9 m, payload – 650 kg);
Christy-8183 (8205) (7-seated, length – 6,5 m, payload – 750 kg);
Christy-9205 (8-12 seated, length – 7,4 m, payload – 1000 kg).

Video of Hovercraft The hovercrafts of the project Christy-460 went on sale | our channel on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/christyhovercraft

  • Rescue Hovercraft Christy 460 PC
  • Hovercraft Christy 460 PC

Photo gallery of Hovercraft - The hovercrafts of the project Christy-460 went on sale