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 Christy 461 PC

Christy 461 PC

Price: Call
Passenger seats: 4
Payload: 450 kg (992 lb)
Thrust engine: 35 hp
Lift engine: 26 hp
Fuel consumption: 8-15 lt/hr (2.1 - 4 gl/hr)
Tank capacity: 40 lt (10.6 gal)
Max speed: 80 kph (49.7 mph)
Weight of hovercraft: 450-500 kg (992-1102 lb)
Dimensions (L.W.H.) 5150×2200×2300mm (202.7×87×90")

There are three different cab options available: open cabin (OC), half-cabin (PC), closed cabin (FC).

Christy 461 PC hovercraft specifications:

Despite the fact that the new five-seater hovercraft Christy 461 PC is constructed on a new platform, fundamental differences from the six-seater model Christy had two: size and capacity. However, this did not affect the patency, maneuverability, reliability and comfort inherent in the company's Christy Hovercraft.

Christy 461 Dimensions

Not on the pillow (L.W.H.) 5150 × 2200 × 2300 mm
On the pillow (L.W.H.) 5700 × 3100 × 2650 mm
Inside the cabin 2200 × 1550 × 1300 mm
Clearance 400-450 mm

Operating conditions hovercraft

Height overcome obstacles 300-600 mm unsmoothed and smoothed ledges
Wave height to 500 mm
Environment temperature -30 to +35 ° C.
Gradeability up to 15 degrees from a standing start
to 40 degrees acceleration
Type of surface Ice and snow thicknesses, fresh and salt water of any depth, silt, sand, grass, wetlands, flat desert
The maximum allowable wind speed 13 m / s with gusts up to 15 m / s

Speed ​​characteristics hovercraft

The recommended speed for movement bezopasnostnogo 40-50 kph - the beach, shallow water
of 30-40 kph - the short grass
of 50-60 kph - smooth ice
50-60 kph - packed snow
40-50 kph - economical cruising speed
Maximum rate on a solid surface  up to 80 kph

Design Features

Hull construction hovercraft The housing is completely made of composite materials.Individual elements in the form of sandwich panels made of fiberglass and polyurethane foam with an outer finishing layer to ensure 100% positive buoyancy. Not subject to corrosion and icing. Chinitsya easily.
Type flexible skirt (skirt) Bunk (upper tier - inflated balloon is tapered from front to back of the higher sections of the front for improved wave, the lower tier - independent segments). All segments are independent and are easily replaced in the field.
The structure of the skirt Cylinder and the segments are made of nylon impregnated with urethane. The segments are attached to the cylinder nuts and bolts polyamide.
Buoyancy Bottom based on sandwich panels of polyurethane foam and fiberglass provides 100% buoyancy. Even if the interior completely fill with water, SVP will remain afloat.
Number of seats 1 pilot + 3 passengers
Cabin Standard 4 spot enclosed cab or modification in whole or in part open cockpit. Windshield - Triplex

Physical characteristics of the hovercraft

Payload 400-450 kg (including fuel, security, and four passengers)
Overload Payload Up to 600 kg (when driving on a solid surface)
Weight vessel 450 - 500 kg, depending on the configuration
Engines Boosters: 35 hp four-stroke power Vanguard (DAIHATSU Japan);
Pressure: 20 hp four-stroke power Vanguard (DAIHATSU Japan)
Fuel capacity The main tank 40 liters
Fuel consumption 8-15 liters / hour depending on the operating conditions and the type of surface
Type of fuel Gasoline A-92

Christy Management hovercraft

Traction system

Traction (marching) three-blade propeller aircraft - 1600mm in diameter made of composite materials

Lifting fan - 9-blade propeller axial diameter of 710 mm

Transmission On the basis of the gear reducer factory-built aircraft, made in Italy
Managing Exchange With two vertical rudders
Pitch control With two horizontal rudders fitted behind the fan ring

Instruments and mechanisms

Navigation Devices All vessels are equipped with a full range of electrical equipment. Provided a large number of options, including air conditioning, navigation equipment, multimedia equipment, rescue equipment, special equipment for hunting and fishing
Electrical Engines equipped with: march - a powerful generator;Discharge - magdino
Bailing Electric bilge pump, extra - hand pump
Firefighting Portable carbon dioxide fire extinguisher
Navigation and communication Prepared a place for the marine compass, GPS-navigator, card plotter and radio. FM-radio and CD-player.


Video of Hovercraft Christy 461 PC | our channel on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/christyhovercraft

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