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The border police vehicle fleet has been replenished with two new units — Christy 463 PC hovercraft made by Christy Hovercraft company from Russia. This became possible due to the "EU for border security" — joint project between the Republic of Moldova and Ukraine supported by the European Union.

The Christy Hovercraft team has successfully tested the Christy 7186 OC hovercraft for one more US buyer


New video is provided by Rick Jenkins from Colorado, the owner of the 2015 Christy 6183 PC hovercraft. The Traditional Hover Rally was held by the Hovercraft Club of America in Muscatine County, Iowa in July 2021


The Christy Hovercraft team has successfully completed and implemented an important project of two hovercrafts Christy 463 PC for the border service of the Republic of Moldova.

We present you a video from the test drive of the Christy 463 PC hovercraft in the water area of the Gulf of Finland.

In August 2020, Albatross LLC got a unique chance to take part in the Army 2020 Forum by the invitation of the EMERCOM of Russia.

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Learning to drive a hovercraft Christy 9205 Fishing Edition

We are pleased to announce the successful completion of the acceptance testing of the project of hovercraft Christy 9205 Fishing Edition in a strong squally wind.



A representative of the customer has completed a full course of training in the steering of the hovercraft. Thus, the future pilot has received all the necessary skills that will enable him to operate the vessel safely with knowledge of the matter.

The presented video clearly shows the excellent controllability of the vessel even under the influence of a strong counter and side wind. It perfectly crosses the various obstacles that arise along the way.

Clearly visible are the main exploitative modes of operation: starting from the water, moving on the water, on hard and irregular surfaces, overcoming the slope from the water.

The customer's representative did not previously have experience in steering of the hovercraft. He got an opportunity to get acquainted with the principle of the hovercraft, its controls, and also acquire the necessary driving skills.

To learn how to drive, the future pilot took about an hour of training under the guidance of an experienced instructor of the Christy Hovercraft company.

After the training, the representative of the customer was fully prepared to perform all kinds of maneuvers, one of which is starting from the water at full load of the vessel.

Learning to drive does not take too long, since all the Christy hovercrafts have intuitive controls. Steering the Christy vessels is easy and simple.

As a result of the tests, all the claimed operational and technical characteristics of the vessel were confirmed, and the customer's representative noted that the Christy 9205 FC Fishing Edition hovercraft possesses an excellent seaworthiness, high amphibian properties, provides the required level of the crew safety and has no analogues in its class.

Christy 9205 FC Fishing Edition Hovercraft Specifications:

Passenger seats: 6
Payload: 900-950 kg (1984-2094 lb)
Thrust engine: 176 hp
Lift engine: 29 hp
Fuel consumption: 25-30 lt/hr (4 - 5.3 gl/hr)
Fuel tank capacity: 160 lt (42.3 gal)
Max speed: 70 kph (43.5 mph)
Weight of hovercraft: 1000-1100 kg (2205-2425 lb) 
Dimensions (L.W.H.) 7400×2200×2260mm (291.3×87×89")

Lineup of the 2017-model year Christy hovercrafts:

● Christy-458 (4-seated, length – 4,8 m, payload – 450 kg);
● Christy-5143 (6-seated, length – 5,49 m, payload – 550 kg);
Christy-7183 (6-seated, length – 5,9 m, payload – 650 kg);
● Christy-8183 (8205) (7-seated, length – 6,5 m, payload – 750 kg);
● Christy-9205 (8-12 seated, length – 7,4 m, payload – 1000 kg).

Video of Hovercraft Learning to drive a hovercraft Christy 9205 Fishing Edition | our channel on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/christyhovercraft

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