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The Christy Hovercraft team has successfully tested the Christy-7186 FC Deluxe hovercraft. This new model 2022 Christy 7186 FC Deluxe is available for order.

By popular demand, we have returned the opportunity to buy the Christy 6146 FC Limited Edition hovercraft at affordable 2021 prices.

We are glad to make you the most attractive offer in the class of 6-seater hovercrafts existing on the world market today. You can place an order for the purchase of this model on special conditions, developed taking into account wishes of potential buyers.

On this video you can see one day from the production of Christy Hovercraft.

The Christy Hovercraft team successfully conducted a pilot course for a client in San Luis, Brazil.

Christyhovercraft Team Pilot Instructor Rick Jenkins from Colorado in March 2022 trained the Kandiyohi County Rescue Team Training on a Christy 6146 FC Rescue hovercraft.

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For fishing on the new hovercraft Christy 9205 FC Fishing Edition




We continue the series of the publications of the photos and videos with the real pictures of the CHRISTY hovercrafts operation, which our customers send. We bring to your attention the video of the operation of the hovercraft Christy 9205 FC Fishing Edition, designed and manufactured by the special order of a fishermen from Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk. The video was shot this summer.

You can observe directly from the pilot's cabin how easy the hovercraft moves over the water surface, along the shallow, as well as when there is a great fall of the waves, in the presence of a tidal wave, which does not prevent the hovercraft from entering the shore and leaving the shore. The handling of the vessel is easy. The pilot does this easy and effortlessly. When the shoal appeared ahead unexpectedly, and further the land area, the vessel also easily continues its movement, overcoming any inequalities on its way. We drive up and park the vessel right next to the fisherman's house.

When building the vessel, all the customer's wishes were taken into account. The lifting doors Gull Wing of the new design, as well as two 200-liter tanks for tackle and catch are installed. The hovercraft is equipped with a windshield and mirrors with electric heating, side windows are equipped with sliding small windows. The guard railing and a platform in the rear part installed on the bow of the vessel, provide the comfort and safety when fishing.

The characteristics of Christy 9205 FC Fishing Edition:

Passenger seats: 6
Payload: 900-950 kg (1984-2094 lb)
Thrust engine: 176 hp
Lift engine: 29 hp
Fuel consumption: 25-30 lt/hr (4 - 5.3 gl/hr)
Fuel tank capacity: 160 lt (42.3 gal)
Max speed: 70 kph (43.5 mph)
Weight of hovercraft: 1000-1100 kg (2205-2425 lb) 
Dimensions (L.W.H.) 7400×2200×2260mm (291.3×87×89")

You can always choose the desired equipment, and if necessary, order an upgrade and any set of the additional equipment that will make your vacation on the hovercraft an enjoyable and exciting experience that brings a great catch.

If you are already a happy owner of the CHRISTY hovercraft, send your stories, illustrations and videos about the operation of our hovercrafts. The best materials will be posted on the web site, and the authors of the videos will be rewarded.

Lineup of the 2017-model year Christy hovercrafts:

● Christy-463 (4-seated, length – 4,8 m, payload – 450 kg);
● Christy-5146 (6-seated, length – 5,49 m, payload – 550 kg);
Christy-7186 (6-seated, length – 5,9 m, payload – 650 kg);
● Christy-8186 (7-seated, length – 6,5 m, payload – 750 kg);
● Christy-9205 (8-12 seated, length – 7,4 m, payload – 1000 kg).

Video of Hovercraft For fishing on the new hovercraft Christy 9205 FC Fishing Edition | our channel on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/christyhovercraft

  • Hovercraft Christy 9205 FC Fishing on the sea wave
  • Hovercraft Christy 9205 FC Fishing on the sea wave
  • Hovercraft Christy 9205 FC Fishing Edition
  • Hovercraft Christy 9205 FC Fishing Edition