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Special purpose hovercraft amphibians Christy

Hovercraft Christy 14240 Cargo - New Model 2019 To learn more ..

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CHRISTY HOVERCRAFT specializes with development, manufacture and supply of self-engineered hovercrafts over 20 years.

The enterprise is one of the world's leading manufacturers of amphibious-type hovercrafts and has its own production area in St. Petersburg, which ensures the full production cycle.

We use multiyear engineering experience, modern technological solutions and developments to create a modern high-tech amphibia for hunting, fishing and recreation.

Currently, our products are supplied to more than 25 countries located in different regions, including the USA, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, India, Botswana and the EU countries.

The model line-up of the hovercrafts is represented by the projects with passenger capacity from 4 to 10 people and displacement from 1 to 3 tons inclusive. Currently, in the stage of the technical project on shipbuilding contracts there are special assignment vessels with passenger capacity from 20 to 30 people and displacement from 3 to 9 tons.

There is a unique opportunity to buy three hovercrafts Christy of different payload and passenger capacity, which are in the final stage of production, by the prices of 2022 year

Christy 463 OC for sale

- a version with half open cabin with standard equipment

length - 4.8m (189")
payload - 450 kg (992 lb)
thrust engine Vanguard 37 hp
lift engine 26 hp

Christy-463 OC for sale REQUEST PRICE

Christy 6146 FC for sale

- a version with enclosed cabin with standard equipment

length - 5.49m (216")
payload - 550 kg (1212.5 lb)
thrust engine KIA / HYUNDAI 120 hp
lift engine 26 hp

Christy-6146 FC for sale REQUEST PRICE

Christy 7186 FC for sale

- a version with enclosed cabin with standard equipment

length - 5.9 m (232")
payload - 700 kg (1433 lb)
thrust engine SUBARU 160 hp
lift engine 26 hp

Christy-7186 FC for sale REQUEST PRICE


For the moment, these are the most high-demand models in its class, including on the world market, with the best correlation price - quality -
characteristics - amphibious properties - economy. The above-mentioned vessels are built on a dual-engine scheme, based on a development of amphibious modular platform of Christy 5146 FC. The principal differences between these models are the length, payload, passenger capacity, the power plant and the level of comfort and convenience.

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With the detailed specifications and descriptions of the hovercrafts Christy of 2017 model year (Christy-458, Christy-5146, Christy-7186, Christy-8183, Christy-9205) you can get acquainted by visiting our website, or going by the following links:

Christy-458 (4-seated, length – 4.8m (189"), payload – 450 kg (992 lb));
Christy-5146 (5-seated, length – 5.49m (216"), payload – 550 kg (1212.5 lb));
Christy-7186 (6-seated, length – 5.9m (232"), payload – 650 kg (1433 lb));
Christy-8183 (7-seated, length – 6.5m (256"), payload – 750 kg (1653.5 lb));
Christy-9205 (8-12 seated, length – 7.4m (291"), payload – 1000 kg (2204.5 lb)).


Available exterior colors of the hovercraft



- or air-cushion vehicle (ACV), is a vehicle or craft that can be supported by a cushion of air ejected downwards against a surface close below it, and can in principle travel over any relatively smooth surface, such as gently sloping land, water, or marshland, while having no substantial contact with it.