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Christy Hovercraft Team Introduces a model lineup

of special purposed hovercraft
amphibians Christy

We designed these models in close cooperation with representatives of interested services and organizations from different countries. When developing models the requirements for increased load capacity, operation and maintenance ease were taken into account. As a result of this work we were able to maintain and increase the traditional advantages of Christy hovercrafts which are versatility, high cross-country ability, maneuverability, efficiency and of course reliability!
All models are easy to transport in a standard container!

New hovercraft Christy 5146 FC Rescue
New hovercraft Christy 9204 FC Police
Christy 5146 FC "Rescue"
Christy 9204 FC "Police"

Christy 5146 FC "Rescue" – designed and built by order of the Canadian rescue service. It has the optimal dimensions to obtain the highest possible payload, high dynamics and amphibian properties combined with minimal fuel consumption.

Christy 9204 FC "Police" – designed for the coastal police of the United Arab Emirates, manufactured taking into account the difficult operating conditions: high temperatures, very dusty.

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New hovercraft Christy 9204 FC Coast Guard
New hovercraft Christy 9204 FC Military
Christy 9204 FC "Coast Guard"
Christy 9204 FC "Military"

Christy 9204 FC "Coast Guard" – the model was designed by order of the coast guard of the Republic of Peru, taking into account the mandatory requirements for the convenience of landing / debarkation, arranging places for weapons and special equipment transporting.

Christy 9204 FC "Military" – among the features of this model it is worth to mention the hull of increased strength, reinforced elements of a flexible fence, high reliability and on-site maintainability.

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New hovercraft Christy 14240 Firefighter
New hovercraft Christy 9204 FC Geological Prospecting
Christy 9204 FC "Geological Prospecting"

Christy 14240 "Firefighter" – a vessel designed by order of the Brazilian Fire Department to extinguish fires, oil spills in shallow waters and wetlands of the coast. The omni-purpose platform allows you to install special equipment with a total weight of up to 1.6 tons.

Christy 9204 FC "Geological Prospecting" – a model developed by order of the Ministry of Geology of the P.R. China - for carrying out exploration work in hard-to-reach, wetlands, riverbeds and offshore.

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New hovercraft Christy 7186 PCW Expedition
New hovercraft Christy Christy 14240 Cargo
Christy 7186 PCW "Expedition"

Christy 7186 PCW "Expedition" – 7-seated, with a cabin that is conveniently transformed into a cargo area (for transportation of goods of non-standard dimensions). It is one of the most popular special-purpose models successfully operated in a wide variety of climatic conditions: from extreme frosts in Canada and Siberia to wet and hot - India and Central America.

Christy 14240 "Cargo" – increased carrying capacity (up to 1600 kg) combined with excellent amphibious properties, a lifting device and a high-tech flexible air cushion guard for better stability.

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New hovercraft Christy 9204 OC Gobble Edition
New hovercraft Christy 14240 Passenger
Christy 9204 OC "Oil Spill Сleaning"

Christy 9204 OC "Oil Spill Сleaning" – a specially equipped hovercraft by Christyhovercraft promptly delivers a sorbent aimed to collect oil in shallow water, vegetated areas, beaches, coastal areas and areas where other vehicles cannot be used.

Christy 14240 "Passenger" – a comfortable amphibian for fast and comfortable passenger transportation to hard-to-reach places. It features high ride smoothness and low noise. It can carry up to 14 people at a distance of 400 km.

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New hovercraft Christy 5146 FC Trolling Edition
New hovercraft Christy 7186 OCW Sport
Christy 5146 FC "Trolling Edition"
Christy 7186 OCW "Sport"

Christy 5146 FC "Trolling Edition" – the ideal Christy-5146 hovercraft fishing boat specially designed for off-season trolling fishing taking into account the many wishes of fishermen from the Scandinavian countries.

Christy 7186 OCW "Sport" – a sports model that combines high speed performance, excellent handling and course-keeping stability with increased safety and reliability.

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Any of the models can be performed in various designs and painted in the desired color.

Christy 5146 FC
Christy 5146 FC
Christy 5146 FC

Full cabin (FC)

Partial cabin (PC)

Open cabin (OC)

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