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Design, production, sale and service of hovercraft for personal and commercial use. 15+ years of successful experience!
  • - You long to get new experiences?
  • - You"re fond of outdoor activities, fishing, hunting?
  • - You want to experience extreme sensations?
  • - Your work requires transportation of people and / or goods in any season regardless of the weather on any relatively flat surface?

The Christy Hovercraft will help you!
We have prepared an interesting offer for our customers.

We will compensate**   your airfare
and stay in a 4* hotel
per two persons for two days,

and also arrange a transfer and a sightseeing tour of St. Petersburg*.

During the visit you will observe our factory, get comprehensive consultations and pass a test drive on one of our amphibians in real conditions.

You will have a rare opportunity to combine a business trip with a visit to our city, which is especially beautiful during the period of "white nights".

We hope that the visit will leave indelible impressions and just like all those who have come to us you will make the right choice.

In 2019 we developed new models and significantly updated the old ones while maintaining and increasing the traditional advantages of Christy hovercraft: high passableness, maneuverability, cost effectiveness and of course - reliability!

* - The offer is valid from September 30, 2019. on July 30, 2019

** - in case of signing a contract for the hovercraft construction

New hovercraft Christy 355 Christy 355 Florida Edition
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Christy 355 Florida Edition – a new model with a carrying capacity of up to 3 passengers, designed for comfortable recreation and movement at the "beach area" or for short trips.

New hovercraft Christy 458 OC Christy 458 PC
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Christy 458 PC – is a "workhorse", a model for transporting 4 passengers or light freights, is often used for environmental activities.

New hovercraft Christy 5146 Christy 5146 FC
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Christy 5146 FC – 5-seater model, specially designed for outdoor enthusiasts, fishermen and hunters, has a high floatation and efficiency.

New hovercraft Christy 6146 Christy 6146 FC
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Christy 6146 FC – is a new model which has already gained popularity, purposed for comfortable trips to hard-to-reach places by up to 6 passengers. New hull design includes capacious lockers and additional buoyancy blocks.

New hovercraft Christy 7186 FC Christy 7186 FC
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Christy 7186 FC – 7-seater, one of the most popular models, successfully operated in a wide variety of climatic conditions: from extreme frosts of Canada and Siberia, to the humid and hot in India and Central America.

New hovercraft Christy 8186 FC Christy 8186 FC
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Christy 8186 FC – is a cross-functional model - the widest application from comfortable long-distance travels to rescue operations in difficult access conditions. It can carry up to 8 passengers or up to 900 kg cargo.

New hovercraft Christy 9204 Christy 9204 FC
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Christy 9204 FC – is a model with a capacity of up to 12 passengers. It is designed to operate under high loads under difficult hydrometeorological and navigational conditions. It can be used for rescue operations, geological exploration, military and border services, enhanced passenger transportations and goods delivery to hard-to-reach places.

Any of the models can be made in a desired configuration and painted into the desired color.

Christy 5146 FCfull cabin (FC)
Christy 5146 FCpartial cabin (PC)
Christy 5146 FCopen cabin (OC)

Christy Hovercraft video-presentation 2019