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In August 2020, Albatross LLC got a unique chance to take part in the Army 2020 Forum by the invitation of the EMERCOM of Russia.

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Hovercraft Christy 6146 FC at Army 2020 Forum

In August 2020, Christy Hovercraft got a unique chance to take part in the Army 2020 Forum by the invitation of the EMERCOM of Russia. It was a great honor for us to be a part of such an important event and to present our products. During the forum, the company's management held numerous negotiations with representatives of various units of the EMERCOM of Russia and a number of other structures.

Army 2020 is an international military-technical forum, the main goals of which are to stimulate the innovative development of the military-industrial complex of the Russian Federation, to promote the research organizations, to develop military-technical cooperation between the Russian Federation and foreign states, and much more.
The event is attended by both Russian enterprises and foreign organizations focused on the development of the cooperation between defense industry and technology transfer.

Modern amphibious vehicles are our future

We presented a full-size sample of the most ordered six-seater model of the Christy 6146 FC hovercraft, and a highly detailed model of the promising hovercraft Christy 9204 Duct. The presented products aroused keen interest not only among the employees of the top management of the EMERCOM, but also among the direct consumers of amphibious equipment.

During the discussions, it turned out that the equipment used in the structures of the EMERCOM does not meet the modern requirements for similar equipment at the moment. The currently used hovercrafts are not amphibious, and their design is outdated. They need to be replaced with modern amphibious hovercraft.

Christy Hovercraft is ready to offer the latest generation amphibian, the manufacturer has been developing, manufacturing and supplying hovercraft of its own design and production for more than sixteen years.

Christy Hovercraft is the key air-cushion vehicles developer

Today we are one of the world's leading manufacturers of amphibious hovercraft. Model series are represented by projects with a passenger capacity of 4 to 12 people and a displacement of 1 to 3 tons respectively. Special-purpose vessels with a passenger capacity of 12 to 30 people and a displacement of 3 to 9 tons are at the stage of projects.
Hovercraft Christy series are made according to a two-engine scheme with a classic two-tier flexible fencing, used exclusively on military and commercial vessels. These vessels have the best-in-class operational and technical characteristics.
Thanks to advanced technical solutions, our amphibious vessels are in demand by a wide range of corporate and private clients around the world. Currently, our products are exported to twenty different countries, including Finland, USA, Canada, India and Australia.

Benefits of Christy amphibious hovercraft:

  • Christy hovercraft have an ideal balance of power plants with their reliability, maintainability and availability of spare parts;
  • Exceptional mobility. The procedure for loading or unloading onto a vehicle can be performed by only one or two people within three to five minutes;
  • Amphibious vessels can be transported without restrictions on roads of any quality (public, country roads, etc.);
  • The vessels have wide and comfortable side depressions, and, if necessary, a bowsprit platform with a railing guard;
  • All hovercraft are built with the ability to quickly replace units and power plants if necessary;
  • The body is made entirely of composite materials. Fiberglass body parts are not subject to corrosion and icing;
  • Flexible fencing provides ships with excellent amphibiousness and phenomenally smooth sailing both on waves and on any other uneven surface;
  • Excellent maintainability in the field. All segments are independent and can be easily replaced under any circumstances within minutes without lifting the vessel;
  • The costs of repairing or replacing flexible fencing are several times less than for skeg ACV;
  • Our own design bureau provides a full production cycle from sketch to finished product, which gives opportunities for quick conversion of the basic model to any other (cargo, rescue, etc.);
  • All mechanical components and composite materials are produced exclusively by the best manufacturers in their field.