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Hovercraft Christy 6146 FC

Christy Hovercraft announces the opening of a representative office in Canada!

The first five customers will receive Christmas presents from the company! 10% discount from the standard price
+ maintenance and piloting training class in Canada *.
Our pilots will provide you with operating and piloting training at the location of your hovercraft’s operation in Canada or at Brockville Service Center.

If you need a hovercraft for fishing, hunting, recreation or any work, the Christy hovercraft will provide you comfort and enjoyment.

Any time of the year and on almost any surface, you and your family will be able to reach the most hidden corners of nature.

Get a personalized offer from Christyhovercraft

For American and Canadian buyers, we are preparing a new, more informative website christyhovercraftcanada.ca. Currently, the site is in the process of filling and testing.

* - when concluding an agreement and making an advance payment before the end of 2019 you pay only the travel expense for our specialists.

Hovercraft Christy 6146 FC
Hovercraft Christy 6146 FC

For a convenient assessment of the amphibious properties and operational characteristics of Christy’s hovercraft, we selected the best videos from our long history.

Christy Hovercraft Presentation

Any model can be perfomed in various designs and painted in the desired color.

OC (open cabin)

PC (partial cabin)

FC (full cabin)

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