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Price: Call
Passenger seats: 8
Payload: up to 1000 kg (2205 lb)
Engines: Subaru EJ25
Engines: hydraulic drive
Engine power: 180 hp
Tank Capacity: 2x50 lt (2x26.4 gal)
Max. speed: 100 kph (62 mph)
Weight of hovercraft: 1050 kg (2315 lb)
Dimensions (L.W.L.): 6550×2410×1650mm

WildFire hovercraft specifications:

Wildfire Series embodies the latest advances in the field of construction of small hovercraft. High-quality materials, modern design and manufacturing techniques provide high performance at an affordable price.

Wildfire was created for a wide range of applications, easy to operate and undemanding maintenance. Tough cabin SVP is equipped with comfortable wide doors, which can be easily removed for transportation of bulky cargo. The boat is designed for ease of operation and passenger comfort in a variety of climates, from the hot tropics to the cold polar latitudes. Hovercraft Wildfire offers exceptional lifting capacity and compact size makes it simple for handling and transportation. The boat can easily be immersed in a conventional container or on a special trailer for the quick discharge of short haul. Wildfire built to the highest standards and has been tested the world's leading standards organizations of small vessels.

Dimensions are not on the pillow (L.W.H.) 6556 × 2411 × 1950 mm
Dimensions on the pillow (L.W.H.); 7078 × 2726 × 2234 mm
Dimensions of the cabin (L.W.H.) 6503 × 2400 × 1950 mm
Height overcome obstacles 300 mm
The height of the waves to be overcome 700 mm (the distance between waves of 10 meters or more)
High-speed mode 28 km / h (15 knots) on the cross-country
55 km / h (30 knots) in calm water
100 km / h (54 knots) on the smooth ice
46-55 km / h (25-30 knots) economical cruising speed in calm water
The maximum allowable wind speed 10 m / s with gusts up to 13 m / s - at partial load
13 m / s with gusts up to 15 m / s - at full load
Cabin Includes glass front of the cab and a laminated windshield with washer and wiper. The cab doors are mounted on hinges and can be easily removed by removing spring hinges at the top. Door windows of Plexiglas.
Climate control Air conditioning and heater as standard
Number of passengers 1 pilot + 7 passengers
Weight vessel fuel and safety equipment - 1050 kg
Capacity 800 kg payload at the start with the water. Overload capacity Up to 900 kg, with good conditions (smooth hard surface movement) and with reduced maneuvering and ride characteristics
Engine Injection Subaru EJ25 180 hp (135 kW). Installation of other engines as an option.
Fuel tank capacity 2 tanks of 50 liters
Hull construction Housing on the basis of the E-shaped panels made by the contact of the infusion molding fiberglass materials and stuffed with high quality PVC foam. Bottom further strengthened polyurethane inserts for protection against corrosion and mechanical damage.
Type of flexible fencing The upper tier - a non-permanent pressure cylinder, tapering from bow to stern with increased front section to better overcome the resistance of the waves. The lower tier - Easily replaced independent segments (fingers)
Pulling System 5-blade propeller with variable angle of attack blades. Ideally adjacent to the ring nozzle to minimize noise at low speeds. The blades are made of high-quality carbon fibers with addition of epoxy resin and a polyurethane impregnated dissecting air edges. The blades are attached to the hub made on a laser machine with computer control of high-strength aluminum and enables thrust reverser.
Pulling transmission On the basis of timing belts, shafts and intelligent ball bearings produced and calibrated by the manufacturer. There is an automatic clutch for smooth start and stop the engine and not giving the blades rotate at idle for security bystanders.
Jacking system Two coaxial coaxial propeller driven by a hydraulic motor directly connected to the main engine. Greater efficiency and minimal noise.
Lifting transmission Hydrostatic. A hydraulic pump driven by the main engine, the lift motor oil supplies. The rotational speed of the lifting propeller automatically adjusted to a predetermined pilot and does not depend on the speed of main motor.
Electrical system Rated voltage - 12 volts. The battery is charged by the engine mounted on the generator 14W and 55A. There is protection against moisture and surges. All electrical circuits are held and protected in accordance with international standards.
Bailing One hand pump with check valve to pump water from any compartment. One automatic pump capacity 3785 liters / hour in the cockpit. One automatic pump capacity 1893 liters / hour in the engine compartment.
Fire safety 1 recorded in the engine room fire extinguisher powder + 1 portable powder extinguisher in the side wall of the cabin. Note that the number and type of fire extinguishers can be changed in accordance with the requirements of the client.
Navigation and communication Standard equipment includes 75 mm magnetic compass, marine VHF radio with antenna and the SIMRAD GPS navigator with the world map. Navigator, engine performance gauges and the hydraulic system as well as the danger signaling unit mounted in the main display.
Additional options
(set for a fee)
Integration SIMRAD radar in the main display, night vision cameras front and rear view, certificates of conformity, cab heater (Webasto and Eberspacher), trailer for transportation of hovercraft.

Video of Hovercraft WildFire | our channel on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/christyhovercraft

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The Christy Hovercraft team is pleased to present to your attention the new hovercraft Christy-5148, which has been specially developed for Scandinavian countries customers, however having acquired the improved features these model will definitely be demanded by the professionals and amateurs all over the world.

A specially equipped air-cushion vessel Christyhovercraft delivers quickly the sorbent intended for the oil collecting to any place where the pollution has occurred.

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