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  Pioneer MK3

Pioneer MK3

Price: Call
Passenger seats: 25
Payload: up to 3200kg (7055 lb) 
Engines: 2xSteyr M16T / D
Engine power: 215 hp
Tank Capacity: 2x330 lt (2x87.2 gal)
Max. speed: 100 kph (62 mph)
Weight of hovercraft: 4300 kg (9480 lb)
Dimensions (L.W.H.): 11500x4500x2260mm

Pioneer MK3 hovercraft specifications:

Pioneer MK3 - speed hovercraft, designed for transportation of 25 passengers + crew (1 person), or other payloads weighing up to three tons. The spacious cabin is equipped with comfortable seats and provides a good overview for passengers and crew. Also on board is installed climate control system, providing comfort travel to anywhere in the world.

Hovercraft is equipped with two engines Steyr M16 with a capacity of 215 hp each providing a smooth ride at a cruising speed of 27-40 knots (50-75 km / h) on any type of surface. The main purpose of the hovercraft - organization of commercial passenger and cargo traffic in a difficult terrain. In many countries, worlds hovercrafts data are also used to serve the tourist routes and military purposes.

The design of the Pioneer Mk3 apply the best aerodynamic shape that have proven effective in numerous studies and trials. The first hovercraft Pioneer was built in 1986. Since then, the overall design was introduced many different improvements that resulted in outstanding new model - MK3.

Hovercraft Pioneer MK3 meets Australian requirements (USL), the safety requirements SVP UK (BHSR), Transport Canada (TP5579), Lloyds Register of Shipping, the International Code of Safety for high-speed craft IMO and other requirements for this type of vessels.

Dimensions (L.W.H.) 11,5 × 4,5 × 2,26 m. - Not on the pillow
12,15 × 5,7 × 2,81 m. - On the pillow
5,7 × 2,5 × 1,8 m. - Inside the cockpit
The height of the skirt 0.69 m.
Height overcome obstacles To 0.6 m.
The height of the waves to be overcome To 1.1 m.
Recommended speed modes 100 km / h (54 knots) - out of the blue ice;
74 km / h (40 knots) - in calm water;
37 km / h (20 knots) - on the ground
from 50 to 74 km / h (27 to 40 knots) - economical cruising speed
The maximum allowable wind speed 37 km / h gusting to 46 km / h (20-25 knots) - without load
46 km / h gusting to 55 km / h (25-30 knots) - with load
Number of seats 1 pilot plus 25 passengers
Cabin Has a laminated windshield and side windows. The cab doors are attached to the upper part hinged and can be easily removed.
Climate control 4 air-conditioners with a total capacity of about 50,000 BTU / hr provide sufficient cooling at ambient temperatures up to 40 ° C. Heating is carried out at ambient temperature up to -30 ° C through the same device using heat of the engine coolant.
Load capacity To start with water - 25 passengers + equipment or 3,200 kg (including fuel, ballast, safety equipment and passengers). Possible overload to 3,700 kg (with a reduction in performance and only in good conditions)
Mass of the empty vessel 4.300 kg per passenger version
Engines Two turbo-diesel engine Steyr M16. Each 215 hp, 160 kW at 3,800 rev / min
Fuel capacity 2 x 30 liters x 2 + tanks of 300 liters (maximum) in the ballast tanks (average 360 ​​liters, a maximum of 660 liters). All fuel, including the ballast, can be used.
Hull construction Vacuum molding with epoxy resin, E-type glass mat filled with foam. Bottom protected by urethane, which protects it from abrasion.
Type of flexible fencing Pressurised bag tapered from the nose to the back of the higher sections of the front for improved wave. All segments separate and detachable.
Traction system Two 5-bladed reversible variable-pitch propeller diameter 1400mm. The blades are made of carbon fiber and epoxy resin coated with urethane. Propeller hub of high-tensile aluminum.
Transmission Rod Factory parts, shafts timing belts and self- aligning bearings. Automatic clutch for smooth starting and stopping the engine, allows you to work at idle without rotation of the screw for the safety of observers.
Lift system
(pump skirts)
Axial fan mounted on the shaft of the hydraulic motor. Very efficient and quiet.
Transmission lifting Hydrostatic. 2 pumps. Each engine mounted hydraulic pump supplying oil to the fan motor recovery. The lift fan speed is automatically adjusted to a constant predetermined speed changes of the main engine.
Managing Exchange With the vertical rudders, propeller mounted behind the ring.
Pitch control With horizontal rudders fitted behind the ring screw.
Roll control Differential effect of horizontal rudders.
Control system A programmable logic controller (PLC) in the duplex, and provides a simple logical signaling system pilot vessel. Engine RPM and propeller pitch controlled by a pair of arms on the left side of the driver. Managing the exchange rate, pitch and roll is controlled by a single joystick to the right of the driver. The pilot can operate all the dynamic and frequently used devices without removing hands from the main control system. All controls and verification of PLC designed and installed in accordance with the requirements for this type of vessels.
Electrical Rated voltage of 24 volts. Battery charging 2 x 28 volt, 100 ampere alternators, one for each engine. There are two battery packs to run and one extra battery for the radio. All electrical circuits are connected and protected in accordance with network system control and monitoring capacity BEP Contour Zone (CZone), fully compatible with NMEA 2000 allows you to manage the ship and navigation equipment.
Bailing Manual bilge pump with double-acting manifold to each compartment receiving mesh filter and check valves.
One electric pump 7570 l / h (2,000 gallons per hour) is installed in the cockpit, on the left side; second - to 7570 liters / hour (2000 gallons per hour) in the engine compartment, on the starboard side.
Two electric pump 5678 liters / hour (1500 gallons per hour) - in the baggage compartments on both sides, two on 1893 l / h (500 gallons per hour) - under the stairs on both sides.
Firefighting Fixed carbon dioxide fire extinguisher with extinguishing agent HFC-227ea in the engine compartment. Portable carbon dioxide fire extinguisher with the same extinguishing agent in the recess wall of the cockpit.
Navigation and communication (standard) Standard equipment includes 75 millimeters compass, marine VHF transceiver and antenna. The customer can install any equipment for communication and navigation.

Video of Hovercraft Pioneer MK3 | our channel on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/christyhovercraft

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