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Action: - amphibian Christy 5146 FC for the autumn-winter period

New hovercraft Christy 5146 - for four weeks!

(The standard construction period is 16 weeks.)

Especially for the lovers of outdoor activities - a unique opportunity to purchase one of two 5-seater hovercrafts of the Christy 5146 project with the minimum possible delivery time without rise in price.

The hovercrafts are in the stage of finishing constructing and filling of the hull, with the option of retrofitting at the request of the customer.

Christy 5146 FC, test drive in late autumn The color of the case is yellow With an expanded list of options that increase the comfort level and the consumer properties of the ship.
Get the best offer!

Delivery time - 4 weeks from the date of prepayment

The sea trials of the hovercraft Christy 5146 FC The color of the case is white As standard, with the ability to quickly complement the requirements of the customer.
Get the best offer!

Delivery time - 6 weeks from the date of prepayment

  • - LED beam;
  • - searchlight with remote control;
  • - LED headlights;
  • - additional set of roof railings on the superstructure;
  • - Windscreen with heating;
  • - side mirrors with heating and electric drive;
  • - the handles on the upper tier of the flexible skirt to hold the vessel when maneuvering on an air cushion in cramped conditions;
  • - yellow blinking LED light;
  • - additional buoyancy units - constant pressure baloons, 2 pcs;
  • - electric winch (synthetic rope);
  • - transverse segmented keel;
  • - hold compartment with 2 deck covers;

This is the most demanded model by a wide range of customers both on the domestic and international market and best in the terms of consumer properties-amphibious qualities-characteristics-price ratio.

Offer valid until January 31, 2019

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Video of Hovercraft Christy 5146 FC our channel on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/christyhovercraft

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Technical information of Hovercraft - Christy 5146 FC

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Physical characteristics of the hovercraft

  • Passenger seats6
  • Payload500-550 kg (1102.3-1212.5 lb)
  • Weight of hovercraft750-800 kg (1653.5-1763.7 lb)
  • Dimensions

  • Not on the air-cushion (L.W.H.)5.2×2.2×2.3 m (204.7×86.6×90.6 ″)
  • On the air-cushion (L.W.H.)5.8×3.1×2.65 m (228.3×122×104.3 ″)
  • Inside the cabin2.2×1.55×1.3 m (86.6×61×51.2 ″)
  • Clearance0.4-0.45 m (15.7-17.7 ″)

Speed ​​characteristics hovercraft

  • Max speed (on a solid surface)100 km/h (62 mp/h)
  • economical cruising speed40-50 km/h (24.8-31 mp/h)
  • Recommended speed for safety traffic

  • beach, shallow water40-50 km/h (24.8-31 mp/h)
  • short grass30-40 km/h (18.6-24.8 mp/h)
  • smooth ice50-60 km/h (31-37.2 mp/h)
  • packed snow50-60 km/h (31-37.2 mp/h)

Engines and control of the hovercraft

  • Thrust engine120 hp
  • Lift engine26 hp
  • Fuel consumption15-20 lt/h (4-5.3 gl(us)/h)
  • Tank capacity140 lt (36.9838 gl(us))
  • Type of fuelGasoline A-92
  • Traction systemTraction (marching) three-blade propeller aircraft - 1600mm in diameter made of composite materials Lifting fan - 9-blade propeller a×ial diameter of 710 mm
  • TransmissionOn the basis of the gear reducer factory-built aircraft, made in Italy
  • Course controlWith two vertical rudders
  • Pitch controlWith two horizontal rudders fitted behind the fan ring

Operating conditions hovercraft

  • Height overcome obstacles0.3-0.6 m (11.8-23.6 ″)
  • Wave height0.5 m (19.685 ″)
  • Environment temperature-30 +35 C
  • Gradeability from a standing start15
  • Gradeability with overclocking40
  • Type of surfaceIce and snow thicknesses, fresh and salt water of any depth, silt, sand, grass, wetlands, flat desert
  • The maximum allowable wind speed13 m/s

Design Features

  • Hull construction hovercraftThe housing is completely made of composite materials.Individual elements in the form of sandwich panels made of fiberglass and polyurethane foam with an outer finishing layer to ensure 100% positive buoyancy. Not subject to corrosion and icing. Are easy to repair.
  • Type flexible skirt (skirt)Bunk (upper tier - inflated balloon is tapered from front to back of the higher sections of the front for improved wave, the lower tier - independent segments). All segments are independent and are easily replaced in the field.
  • The structure of the skirtCylinder and the segments are made of nylon impregnated with urethane. The segments are attached to the cylinder nuts and bolts polyamide.
  • BuoyancyBottom based on sandwich panels of polyurethane foam and fiberglass provides 100% buoyancy. Even if the interior completely fill with water, hovercraft will remain afloat.
  • CabinStandard 6 spot enclosed cab or modification in whole or in part open cockpit. Windshield - Triple×

Instruments and mechanisms

  • Navigation DevicesAll vessels are equipped with a full range of electrical equipment. Provided a large number of options, including air conditioning, navigation equipment, multimedia equipment, rescue equipment, special equipment for hunting and fishing
  • ElectricalEngines equipped with: march - a powerful generator;Discharge - magdino
  • Pumping out waterElectric bilge pump, e×tra - hand pump

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Common

    • Terms of production of hovercraft
    • Depending on the brand, model and production load at the time of placing the order of 14 weeks
    • Possibility of delivery to the regions
    • Any transport company (in Eurofur, on a trailer, in a container, etc.)


    • How difficult is it to manage an hovercraft, how long to study
    • An air-cushion ship is a vehicle that requires additional skills and theoretical training from the boatmaster. Training is conducted under a special program based on the enterprise in accordance with the supply contract. The training course in the basic version is designed for 10 school days. For training, persons qualified as "boatmasters of a small boat" are allowed.